Thermal coal and coke is one of the raw materials required by blast furnace steel factories. This vital substance is silver-colored or black-gray and has certain chemical, physical and mechanical characteristics that are produced by heating coal without its access to air;

In fact, the task of coal coke is to release oxygen from iron ore. Considering that each ton of thermal coal produces more than 7500 kilocalories of energy, so like other fossil fuels and in some cases beyond them, it is used to provide thermal energy in homes and more importantly in Power plants are used. The structural characteristics of coking coal are:
Fixed carbon 85 to 90%, ash 5 to 13%, moisture up to 8%, volatile substances 1.6 to 11% and sulfur 0.5 to 1.2%. The role of coke in the process of iron ore smelting furnaces is the production of regenerative gases, which is done as a result of burning at the bottom of the furnace, and its mechanical resistance is also important in practice. To prepare coke, several types of coal with different volatile substances must be mixed together and converted into coke in special furnaces. This process is called carbonization. The chemical composition of coke consists of 94 to 85% carbon and the rest are volatile substances, ash, sulfur and moisture. Approximately from all types of coals for fuel and preparation of coke,

can be used. More than 80% of coal consumption is used to generate electricity, steam in industries, transportation or fuel and metallurgical processes, etc. In addition to coal, it is used in the carbonization process to produce coke, coal gas, ammonia, tar and light petroleum products. In addition, significant amounts of coal are used as fillers, etc.

 Thermal coal

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