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Export of mineral and chemical raw materials

Exporter of steel sections and aluminum ingots and copper industries

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Exporter of mineral and chemical raw materials

With a decade of experience in supplying and exporting the needs of its foreign customers, Iran Metallurgical Industry Company has been able to establish friendly transactions between different countries.

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First  Stage

Send request (LOI) of the customer to the official email of the company or the WhatsApp line of the company
Checking the ability to supply the product and its export license

Second  Stage

Issuing and sending (FCO) to the requester of the goods and waiting for the final review and approval by the buyer

Third  Level

If the buyer approves, Proforma invoice will be issued and the contract steps, payment method, delivery time and delivery location will be confirmed with the customer and loading will be done.


The products of this company are divided into two categories in the field of export, the first category is mineral and chemical raw materials in the fields of mining and petrochemicals.
The second category is the field of steel sections and aluminum and copper industry products, which can be exported from Iran.

Mineral category products

Iranian metallurgical industry pioneers
Having two active mines in the field of anthracite coal, thermal coal and an iron ore mine shows the need for its work.
Currently, this company is ready to supply and export all kinds of thermal coal and anthracite, iron ore, iron slag, sponge iron, metallurgical coke, graphite powder and aims to provide the best products with the highest level of quality, for the satisfaction of buyers and customers. It is its own collection.

ferroalloy category products

This company, with several decades of experience in the field of producing ferrosilicon, ferrochrome and fluorine ferroalloy materials, and having two representative offices of ferrosilicon and high carbon ferrochrome factories, announces its readiness to provide security in high tonnages and the development of the country to its neighbors.
The favorable quality of Iranian ferrosilicon and its reasonable price make it possible to start working with this company

Petrochemical products

Iranian metallurgical industry pioneers is one of the companies engaged in the supply of petroleum products and its derivatives, and in this regard, it has been able to export the petrochemical and refinery products of Iran to the destination countries in the fastest possible time, increasing customer satisfaction. Delivery time and product quality.

Ingots and sections

Iranian Metallurgical Industry Leaders Company
With a history in Khashan in the field of supply and export of copper cathodes, copper wire, copper concentrate, aluminum ingots in all grades, ductile iron ingots, gray iron ingots, blast furnaces and zinc ingots, it has been able to take a share of the global market export.
Also, this company has been able to increase the satisfaction of its customers with the aim of facilitating and speeding up the delivery time and easy payment conditions.
This company is ready to enter into long-term contracts with the aim of developing and supplying basic goods of various industries.