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Low-sulfur graphite, also known as GPC Graphite Petroleum Coke, is a type of petroleum coke whose low sulfur content has reached less than 0.05%. Low-sulfur graphite is one of the carbon materials in the production of all kinds of iron-based alloys, including steels and unbreakable or ductile cast irons. The percentage of sulfur in it should be very small and controllable so as not to cause structural changes in the alloy. In addition to being used in casting industries, this product is used in plastic and rubber industries. It also has many uses.
Low-sulfur graphite is a very important and practical product in the metal casting and smelting industry due to the important impact that granular graphite has on alloying and smelting. Granular graphite is available in both types, i.e. low-sulfur and high-sulfur graphite.
(petroleum coke) is part of the synthetic graphite group, which is made from petroleum derivatives and is one of the products of oil processing.
The application of this type of graphite is for carbonization of ferrous metals, which is obtained from this combination of iron and graphite, cast iron, and when sulfur exceeds a certain ratio, cast iron turns gray. The important element in graphite is the percentage of sulfur in it, which should be very small (less than 0.05%) and also controllable so as not to cause structural changes in the alloy. One of the other characteristics of graphite creates optimal strength and high wear resistance.
Iranian Metallurgical Industry Leaders Importer of low sulfur graphite in Iran with high quality and analysis of 98.5% and granulation of 1-5 mm with a sulfur content of 0.02% with 20 kg packaging in a one ton bag ready to be delivered as sealed from Tehran warehouse
This company, with a decade of experience in the field of supplying carbon and ferroalloy materials in the country, is ready to provide the best quality and the best price to our dear customers.​​​​​​​

Low sulfur graphite

With a decade of experience in supplying and importing graphite carbon products, especially low-sulfur graphite, Puroran Sanat Company is ready to cooperate and enter into long-term contracts with reputable companies and factories.
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