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Export of mineral and chemical raw materials

Exporter of steel sections and aluminum ingots and copper industries

Iranian metallurgical industry leaders with a decade of experience in the field of exporting metallurgical products, graphite carbon materials and ferroalloys has been able to carry out large volume transactions with neighboring countries such as Oman, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Pakistan, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan and Iraq. Also, this company has been able to provide high quality Iranian goods to its customers by using expert consultants in this field.
It is worth mentioning that this company has been able to export more than 10,000 tons per year in order to improve the quality of products and increase the export of products to all parts of the neighboring countries.
The general goal of this company is to export goods such as metallurgical coke, thermal coal, ferrosilis, ferrochrome, fluorite, various minerals and copper powder, to expand business relations between Iranian and foreign companies.
It is worth mentioning that we hope to be able to cooperate with foreign companies and we are trying to maintain relations between countries
The exportable products of this collection are:
Ferosilis 75-75%
Fluorine (fluorite) 80+%
Ferro chrome 65-65%
Copper powder with 99.999% purity
Metallurgical coke carbon 70 and carbon 80%
Thermal coal from 8 to 40% ash
All kinds of high purity graphite powders

This company is currently able to supply 5000 tons of ferrosilis, 100000 tons of fluorite, 2000 tons of ferrochrome, 300 tons of copper powder, 10000 tons of metallurgical coke and 20000 tons of thermal coal in one month, which can be used by our respected colleagues.

Respected colleague, in order to inquire about the export price and additional costs (rail-transit and air transportation costs) and how to pay and settle the account, please contact the commercial department of Sadarat via WhatsApp.

Business management: Mr. Hossam Mousavi
Coordination of transportation affairs: Mr. Kazimieh
Coordination of payment and settlement matters: Mrs. Khairi
Inquiring about the price and issuing a proforma invoice and concluding a supply contract: Mrs. Khairi