Pishrovan sanat company

Supplier of raw materials for foundry and steel industries

Pishravan Iranian Metallurgical Industry Company, after years of technical and specialized services to the industry, with the help of God Almighty in 1390 in order to provide specialized metallurgical materials and specialized raw materials for industries, production and manufacture of carbon brushes and specialized graphite parts with registration number (54563) Has started operating.

This company is one of the leading companies in the industry, relying on professional experts since the beginning of 1390, using technology and technical knowledge, with the aim of producing, importing and supplying various carbon and graphite products based on oil and mineral and applied ferroalloys at the top of the list. To be suppliers of oil, gas and steel industries, the company has also been able to meet the specialized needs of consumers in the production, import and supply of various types of graphite carbon and industrial coal in the country and in an effort to localize some imported graphite parts to It is a country, so by establishing a reliable and continuous trade relationship with the largest and most reputable manufacturing companies, the world's trade has been able to take great steps to meet the needs of industry and improve the quality of the country's industrial products. The leader of the Iranian metallurgical industry with the mission of playing a pivotal role in the development of the metallurgical and foundry industry in the country and improving the quality of raw materials and consumables in this field, is known as the most significant group in this field.

Supply of raw materials
Reasonable prices of products
Product quality level
Continuous improvement of the quality and quantity of products in accordance with national and international standards
Offering products at the most reasonable prices
Supply of raw materials required for the foundry and metallurgy industries
About Pishrovan Sanat Company
High quality products, reasonable prices and customer orientation
Cooperation with more than dozens of reputable domestic and foreign companies in the field of supply and supply of all raw materials and consumables of steel and cast iron factories
Establishing a reliable and continuous business relationship with the largest and most reputable manufacturing and trading company in the world
Company Products and Services

CPC / Petroleum Coke
GPC / Low Sulfur Graphite
Coke Metallurgy
Oily graphite and dry graphite
Specialized graphite with graded

High carbon, medium and low carbon ferromanganese
Germination Barimi, Supercid, Zirconoc
Phosphorus and ....

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